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Online slot provider Relax Gaming continues to go from strength to strength, and after having an outstanding year in 2022, we were keen to learn more about the company's success and what they have in store for players in the future. Today, we're fortunate to be joined by Callum Sultana, the Senior Game Product Owner at Relax Gaming, who has been with the studio for over five years.

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Callum Sultana - Senior Game Product Owner at Relax Gaming

There are, of course, a number of other slot developers in the world of iGaming. So what would you say makes Relax Gaming titles stand out from other competitors in the market? 

At Relax Gaming, we take a lot of pride in innovating products and having a unique offering, so we tend to look further afield for inspiration when it seems a lot of providers nowadays are copying what works, which gives us a competitive advantage since we tend to be a step ahead. 

Money Train 3

When creating and developing an online slot, what would you say are the key factors in making a successful title?

We’re not going to share all the secrets, of course, but I think the most important thing is knowing the players; we’ve seen a lot of beautiful games with complicated mechanics over the years just not perform. There is no harm in keeping things simple; people tend to play games for an escape rather than to learn something new. 

There’s no way we could have a Q&A with you without talking about the powerhouse game that is Money Train 3. We’ve seen this slot rake in awards from all over the industry, so would we be correct in assuming this has been your most popular title ever?

Yes, Money Train 3 has been one hell of a ride! Put it this way, I hope and think it is one of the most popular titles ever, especially on release, but I think operators will be in a better position to confirm that. I can confirm it’s the strongest Relax title though :) 

Top Dawg$

Following on from that, has the Money Train series now come to an end? Or could we all be treated to even more exciting games in the future with bigger max wins?

The series hasn’t ended just yet! You can expect some updates in the coming months!  

What do you think player preferences will be in the next few years? Do you see VR catching on in the iGaming space? Or could the Metaverse be the next big thing? Does Relax Gaming have any plans to venture into this kind of tech?

I think it’s very early to be able to tell. Some new technologies are entering the market, but even the founders of those products are struggling to find a proper use case for them, and that’s not even looking at the cost of some of this hardware. So ultimately, I think we may see some new trends eventually, but I don’t think it will be happening in the foreseeable future. We’re always keeping an eye on what’s going on, so if we see something that piques our interest, we will certainly be looking to work on some cool ideas! Who wouldn’t love to ride the virtual Money Train! 


Everybody has their favourites when it comes to the games in your portfolio, but could we get your top 3 Relax Gaming Slots that you personally enjoy the most?

Oh no, this question is just going to get me in trouble with my colleagues now! But that said, I will list them out and deal with the aftermath later. My all-time favourites are probably Hellcatraz, Top Dawg$ and Templar Tumble. All for very different reasons, though, and I have left out Money Train on the basis we spoke about it before; a top 5 would have been much easier to answer! 

Before we sign off, we’d like to congratulate you on an excellent 2022, and it might be putting you on the spot a little bit, but is there anything you can tell us about your plans for 2023 and perhaps a game title that you think could be a contender for the slot of the year? 

Thank you very much. We have quite a few titles coming out in 2023 that are of interest. We’re going to be focusing on our Dream Drop product quite a bit, so we have some really cool games coming out for our jackpot players, but in addition to that, we have two other games that are non-jackpots coming out towards the back end of the year that I think could just about tip the scales in our favour. 

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